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1. Your privacy is our concern.

  1. Gold Dozo Gym has developed this privacy statement to demonstrate our organization's commitment to protecting customer information. We value the privacy of our customers. The information gathering and dissemination practices for are described in the paragraphs below.


2. Electronic Communications

  1. Information that is private and privileged to Gold Dozo Gym may be transmitted through communications from Gold Dozo Gym.

  2. The communications' information is only for the use of the person or organization.

  3. Any disclosure, copying, distribution, or action taken depending on the contents is banned and may be considered unlawful unless you are the intended addressee.

  4. If you suspect you have received such messages in error, please respond to the sender by email and/or phone before immediately deleting and discarding this communication.

  5. This communication might include privileged or secret information.

  6. Please let us know right away if you believe you have got this letter in error or if you or your employer do not agree to receiving emails of this nature. By replying to this email, then erasing it from your computer afterward.

  7. No responsibility is assumed for any damage this message may cause to your systems or data.


3. About the Information We Collect

  1. For the sake of full disclosure, we utilize your IP address to manage our website and/or to assist in server troubleshooting.

  2. This helps us understand which areas of our website visitors are looking at. We don't associate IP addresses with any personally identifiable information. This implies that even though the user will remain anonymous, their session will be logged.

  3. Information from your Internet browser is received when you enter this into the webpage.

  4. Your operating system, kind of browser software, and IP address, which enables us to identify your Internet service provider, are just a few examples of the data that could be included in this list.

  5. This information allows us to upgrade the website which is necessary to optimize its efficiency. All information obtained from your browser is anonymous, and no personal information is ever transmitted to us in this manner.


4. Personal Information

  1. You don't need to give us any personal information in order to use our website.

  2. But some of our website's "Book a free trial today" sections demand that you provide personal information.

  3. Name, email, and phone number are examples of this data.

  4. If you are using our website to sign up for a free trial, you must also provide this information.

  5. We will give you information about our company using this contact information from the book for a free trial today.

  6. These messages could contain timely special announcements about our services.

  7. By using the unsubscribe option in the welcome email, users can decide not to receive any more mailings from the company.


5. Sharing of Personal Information

  1. The private data you give us on our website may be disseminated throughout our business. We may only provide authorized people access to such information.

  2. To connected and unaffiliated third parties, however, with whom we collaborate on marketing, product development, service improvement, and other related tasks, we may also release such information.


6. Unsolicited E-Mail

  1. You might get recurring emails from us if you choose to give us your personal information.

  2. These mails might contain timely special announcements about our goods and services.


7. Security Precautions

  1. To prevent the loss, misuse, and/or unauthorized alteration of the information under our control, this site has security measures in place.

  2. Access to the data is only allowed by authorized members of the Gold Dozo Gym and is limited behind a firewall.

  3. To restrict access to our systems and data, we may utilize firewalls, encryption technology, user authentication systems, and access control measures as necessary.

  4. However, before providing any personal or financial information to our website, you should use caution.

  5. Any information supplied may be intercepted, collected, utilized, or revealed by others since sending information over the Internet is never completely secure.


8. Links to Other Websites

  1. The Gold Dozo Gym Privacy Policy does not apply to any personal information you choose to give to or that is collected by these third parties, including any social media platforms we may have included on our website. Before providing your personal information to any website, we advise you to review its privacy statement.

  2. Additionally, we might offer social media tools on our website that let you connect with Gold Dozo Gym on various social media platforms and share its content with your networks. Depending on the functionality, your use of these services may lead to the gathering or sharing of information about you.

  3. We advise you to evaluate the privacy settings and rules on the social media platforms you use to ensure you are aware of the data that may be shared by those platforms.


9. Anti-Spam Policy

  1. Gold Dozo Gym has taken reasonable steps to reduce the transmission and impact of spam emails in our computing environment.

  2. Every email that Gold Dozo Gym receives is subject to a spam screening. Any email that is flagged as spam will be rejected along with enough information for the sender to take the appropriate action.

  3. Gold Dozo Gym aims to lessen the impact of spam emails by using this measure in addition to other technological ones. Any suspicious spam emails may be rejected by Gold Dozo Gym or reported to the appropriate authorities for further action.


10. Children’s Policy

  1. Children under the age of 18 will not have their personal information solicited, collected, or maintained by us. We ask that children not submit any personal information to us and that they not use the Website unaccompanied (i.e., under the age of 18).


11. Terms of Use

  1. Please refer to the disclaimer that is provided individually on the relevant page(s) of this website, Users/Members.

  2. By using this website, you are agreeing to the Terms of Use and Disclaimer, as they may be updated from time to time and posted on the appropriate pages.

  3. It is also understood that by accepting the Disclaimer, you are waiving any claims you might have against Gold Dozo Gym related to the information posted here, how you use this website, or your interactions with other users or members, backend team members, room editors, mentors, or anyone else connected to this website.

  4. You acknowledge the Terms of Use / Terms & Conditions of our Website by accessing and using it.

  5. Nothing in this privacy statement restricts or qualifies the Terms of Use or any "click-wrap" agreement on this website, and you should carefully read all of their terms and conditions before using the site.


12. Effective Date

  1. This Private Policy is effective as of 1st January 2023 and it supersedes all existing policies on the subject matter.


13. Changes

  1. By publishing an updated version of this privacy statement on our website, we retain the right to make changes at any time. Without your express permission, we will not restrict your rights under this privacy policy.

  2. Any time our privacy policies change, we'll update this page. Previous iterations of this privacy policy will also be archived for your review.


14. Application

  1. All services provided by Gold Dozo Gym and its affiliates are covered by our privacy policy, with the exception of those that are covered by separate privacy policies that do not include our privacy policy.

  2. Our Privacy Policy does not cover products or websites that may be shown to you in search results, websites that may link to Gold Dozo Gym, or other websites that are accessible through our services but are not owned by us.

  3. The information practices of other businesses and organizations that advertise our services and may use cookies, pixel tags, and other technologies to deliver and present appropriate ads are not covered by our privacy policy.


15. Enforcement

  1. We check for compliance with our privacy policy on a regular basis. We also follow a number of frameworks for self-regulation.

  2. We will follow up with the complainant after receiving formal written complaints. We attempt to resolve any issues relating to the transfer of personal data that we are unable to resolve with our users.


16. Contact Us

  1. If you have any questions about our company, this Website or this privacy policy, please contact us by email at

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